Nashid - Bird in Flight

1. Bird in Flight
2. Don't steal away
3. How long would it last?
4. Baby you're fine
5. Leave me alone
6. Blues of Love
7. Blind Man
8. I may be gone
9. Talking Blues

The Album is dedicated to Maizan Hassan Maniku

This compilation _ & ©2002 Tropic Records. Maldives
2002 Tropic Records. All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized Copying. Hiring. Public-Perfromance And Broadcasting of This Recording Prihibited.



3.Hus Fuloak
5.Thakurah Baheh
6.Kalhu Bulha
7.Miskithun Vakaru
9.Nameh Neigh


How Dhoni was created:

Using as little of Established, conventional Sound Patternds, the creation of Dhoni took its natural course.
Sounds came from nature, from people…simple island sounds….island folks at work, at leisure, they all made sounds… made music.
All these sounds were transformed into music, using modern technology. Traditional folklore music patterns helped to merge these sounds to create Dhoni.
Being only the beginning, a lot of time and effort was spendt in understanding natural sounds as music. Dhoni was thus launched…this time right into space. Husking of coconut sounds from traditional dDhoni (boat) building;  rowing, traditional log drums, winnowing the rice, local animal sounds and those sounds unique to Maldives island community.

Cover design. Studio 1 – Maldives. Layout and Artwork: Amir. Photography: Maizan Hassan. Thanks Andeen, Abbas, Faee, Mohoday, Mr. Haa, Athif, Ahmed, Hudson, Habib,Maisan Nasif, Hassan, Aishath, Fathun, Marie, Mom and Dad and to all those who helped me make it happen.

Musicians: Mohoj, Nashid, Ahmed

Additional Musicians:
Majeed, Ahmed Naseer

Ahmed Naseer, Mohamed Rasheed

Music composed and arranged by Zero Degree Atoll
Produced by: Studio Blue Waves – Maldives
Remastered at: Studio Blue Waves – Maldives

This compilation ©2001 ZERO DEGREE ATOLL – Maldives.
Produced by Studio Blue Waves – Maldives
Studio Blue Waves ® Specializes in Music that is tropical, inspiring and reflecting the fusion of trans-boundary contacts.

Island Pulse

1.Bait me (Envaguvi)    4.41
2.The beginning (Fashan)   4.32
3.Intoxicated by you (Kalhusoru)   5.01
4.Heyambo   2.42
5.Demons of the deep (Husfuloaku)   3.46
6.Undressed (Fehima Libas)   2.55
7.The word (Taurah Baheh)   4.10
8.Kissing waves (Reethi Handhuvaru)   1.48
9.Black cat (Kalhu Bulhaled)   5.23
10.Mysteries (Miskithu Vakaru)   2.44
11.Broken Arrow (Nameh Neyh)   3.52
12.Oars: Let there be freedom (Falivalhu)   4.18
13.Dance Coma (Marufali)   4.22
14.Heyambo (remix)   4.52

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