Award winning composers; Nashid, Ahmed and Mohoj, the original band behind the timeless masterpiece of Ethnic Maldivian Music Dhoni Album, line-up with full team of Bodu Beru drummers and DJ to bring you the Ultimate Maldivian Groove Experience.

Zero Degree Atoll is currently organizing for their fans, some very exclusive performances in celebration of their 20th Anniversary.

The very essence of Zero Degree Atoll’s inherent national charm lay in their unique ‘genre’ of music. They were the first to explore, extract, combine and fuse delicate sounds of nature, intricate sounds of local people at work, traditional poetry and archaic chants with Jazz, Rock and Blues in an ‘island-chill’ style which fascinated the Maldives and captured an international audience for them.

ZERO DEGREE ATOLL: Island Pulse. Buy the CD here.

Music Album Island Pulse



Ahmed Nashid will play his first solo Maldivian Album, to be released late November- 2013, at a Live Concert in Male' during the 1st week of Dec-2013 - watch this space or email Nashid to find out more!

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